Dailies –Interior & Life style
An interior select shop, which offers furniture and general goods in Mitaka, Tokyo.
Just 10 minutes walk from JR Mitaka station.
It also has Dailies café inside, where you can enjoy meal menus as well.
Our theme is “Daily”. We would be happy to have you here with our special commodities that will make your days relaxing and fulfilling.

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Hiromatsu Mokkou 

Hiromatsu has made the things that they’ve insisted satisfying and beautiful.

*made in Japan (Okawa,Fukuoka)


Karimoku60 appeared in 1960s. It has been producing long life designs.

*made in Japan (Kariya, Aichi)


A sofa maker running for 60 years in Hokkaido.
With sincerity, the artisans have been making custom-made sofas.

*made in Japan (Ishikari, Hokkaido)

We are embracing the everyday lives of the guests hoping if we could be a little help for making their days more comfortable and satisfying.


Mitaka Plaza 2nd floor, 4-15-33, Shimorenjyaku, Mitaka, Tokyo
icon-phone :0422-40-6766
icon-envelope-o :info@dailies.co.jp
OPEN 11:00~22:00
(Café Open 11:00/ last order 21:15)
Open all year round (*Excluding Year End and New Year’s holidays)