Morisuke started as a chiffon cake shop.

A pastry chef who had been making cakes at our Dailies cafe in Mitaka opened Morisuke in December 2014. After that, Morisuke moved and made small café as well on the 2nd floor in 2012.

We moved again in March 2016 and renewed the shop combining it with Yokomori Coffee, which is a sister shop of Morisuke. There you can enjoy both good cakes and coffee (and meal menus also)!

We love chiffon cakes, and they attract us. We are making them with our passion.
Our simple and gentle taste chiffon cakes. They are what you will love to eat every day, and what you will be willing to give someone as a gift. Not only chiffon cakes, but we also have cheesecakes, gateaux chocolates, role cakes, and cookies.

We make our products simply, and with the first preference.

We hope to make sweets that will make you smile and be happy.
We are baking cakes every day with this wishing.



Inside Morisuke, there is “Yokomori Coffee”, which provides its own roasted coffee.yokomari_Roaster

Yokomori is choosing high-quality raw coffee beans such as Tipica, Bourbon, which are Called the origin of beans.They do handpick before roasting to select only good quality beans.

Yokomori’s Original Brend Coffee.

Please enjoy our deeply roasted coffee.
Thank you.




1st floor 4-16-3 Shimorenjyaku, Mitaka, Tokyo

8 mins from the South exit of JR Mitaka station.
Next to the men’s boutique store Konaka.

morisuke_kun icon-phone :0422-48-0078
OPEN 9:00~20:00
Irregular holidays